Digital Download ~ Down Beside the Water

"Fun ,  toe-tapping and irresistible ! " 

Sweet harmony on one of the most contagiously happy songs of the year!



Down Beside the Water

Shawn Lane

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Shawn Lane releases his first single to feature Gracie and Grayson Lane. The song penned by Shawn Lane and Gerald Ellenburg will set your toes to tapping! The track also features GRAMMY Award winner Barry Bales, and gifted pickers Clay Hess and Patton Wages.

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Shawn Lane ~ Lead & Harmony Vocals, Mandolin

Gracie Lane  ~  Lead & Harmony Vocals  

Grayson Lane  ~  Harmony Vocals  

Barry Bales  ~  Bass  

Clay Hess ~ Guitar  

Patton Wages ~ Banjo 


Engineered by Jim Price  

Recorded at Hat Creek Recording  

Mastered by Travis Leonard


Produced by: 

Barry Bales  and  Shawn Lane 


Written by: 

Shawn Lane and Gerald Ellenburg  ~ ( Cat Town Music - BMI ~ Wadacoe Publishing - BMI ) 


Release Date & Label:     

 May 3, 2019 ~ Cat Town Music

From the upcoming album:  Shawn Lane Family & Friends


For  Radio Programmers :

*   Available to Radio Programmers via Airplay Direct

*  One Sheet for the Single ~ Available Here.





"Shawn Lane is unbelievable!  

You think you know how good it's gonna be,

and then he comes in and blows your mind."  

-- BOBBY STARNES, Owner of Hat Creek Recording Company,  Johnson City, TN.